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"I" is the only difference between FIT and FAT

Individualized Plans

Identifiable Goals

Incredible Results

It’s time to,

Invent Your FIT

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You have your goals, but you need a clear plan. 


I know how frustrating it can be to follow a plan that someone else followed leading to great results for them, but not for you. Then you try another 'diet' or exercise program that doesn’t work either. In the end, you still have your goals, but you feel like you cannot reach it because 'nothing works for you'.

Does this sound like you? Whatever you tried likely did not work for you because it was not designed for you. Everyone is different and what works for your best friend or your mother, may not work for you. That's where I come in. 


My passion is seeing my clients transform from someone who is afraid to be in their own skin into a confident, healthy, and happy person.

- Dr. Angie


I work with my clients to build an individualized plan designed around your lifestyle, goals, timeline and medical history. I help you build a lifestyle, NOT a quick fix or an extreme diet plan that will only yield results for a short period of time. If you are interested in lasting results, let's work together to get you there. 


Much love,

Dr. Angie


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CycleAve-Around Town-9833.jpg