Beat the Bulge


Stay strong with your Resolutions and avoid the Weekend Binge

Five days into the new year you are probably holding strong on your resolutions, right? Well, Friday marks the first day of the weekend and it can be easy to let up because 'you deserve it after being so good all week.' This is what I like to call the Weekend Binge. Studies show that adults consume on average around 10% more calories each day on the weekend than during the week. That means on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, most American's eat an extra 200-500 calories each day and over the course of a month can lead to that incremental weight gain everyone is so frustrated with. This is often why weight loss can be so difficult for many of us. Research shows that it actually does not matter which diet you follow, as long as you are consistent. So be consistent every day of the week, not Monday through Thursday.

If you are on a role this week and want to stay committed to your weight loss goals, avoid giving yourself too much grace this weekend and blowing all of your hard work. Instead, reward yourself with something other than food. Try hanging out with friends and playing board games or watching a movie at home with your family. Or make a meal from recipe you have been wanting to try and enjoy it with your family and friends. Stay committed to your goals this weekend and the results will show your efforts. If you feel you need more guidance, schedule a meeting with me so we can come up with ideas to help you stay on track.

Happy Friday!


Angie Giron

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