"You don't take insurance????"

One of the most common questions I get as a health care practitioner is “Do you take insurance?”

The answer is NO for several reasons.

1) Insurance companies do not value us as practitioners:

  • When you give us a copay, sometimes that is all we get paid for our services. For all of our hard work, medical malpractice, expensive equipment, education, etc, we only get paid $15-20? Who would sign up for that career?

  • If we do get reimbursement, it is not what we are worth. Many times, we only get reimbursed a small percentage of what we are worth. My statement in the last bullet still stands.

2) Insurance companies do not value YOU as the patient:

  • Often what is needed for proper care won’t be covered, causing you to pay significantly more than you would if you had paid cash. Cash pay for labs and imaging can be significantly less than billing through insurance but insurance companies do NOT tell you that. Why? Because they want you to pay more…..

  • Due to lack of reimbursement, doctors have to sacrifice time with you, in order to make a living. Again, we do not get paid what we need to cover all of our expenses, which requires us to see more patients in a day, decreasing your time with us.

  • Insurance companies will NEVER cover everything, requiring you to not only pay your premiums every month but then you will have to pay co-pays and deductibles. Due to lack of coverage, doctors cannot provide proper care for your medical conditions. Often a certain medication or even lab will not be covered causing you to pay our of pocket anyways for it. What is the point in having insurance at all then….?

If you are fed up with your medical care, it is likely due to these issues with insurance companies, not the physicians. Being put under the insurance model as physicians puts us in a very bad position, having to choose making a living or providing high quality patient care.

I am not willing to sacrifice my care for you by decreasing the amount of time we have together in order to appease the insurance companies. It is more expensive to pay cash for a visit with me, however, you are paying for my attention, my expertise, and my ability to give you what you need as a practitioner.

If you are ready to experience excellent medical care, schedule now with me!

Angie Hammer