Who wants to Meditate?

For the month of March I am going to be posting a series of blogs and videos on meditation and its benefits.

Week 1

To kick off our March Meditation, this blog is about the benefits of meditation on sleep.

30% of Americans report that they have multiple periods throughout the year where they get less than 5 hours of sleep per night. 10% of Americans report that they struggle with getting to sleep most nights of the week. This is a huge health concern because sleep is vital to our recovery and adaptation to the stress of every day life. 

It has been shown through research that those who meditate consistently sleep longer and feel more rested in the mornings than those who did not meditate. Consistent meditation has been shown to hasten the changes between stages of sleep to help you get into a deeper sleep faster and stay asleep longer. Several research studies found that with as little as 5 minutes of meditation per day can improve your sleep and decrease fatigue throughout the day. 

For week 1 of March Meditation, try meditating at night before going to bed to help shut your mind off and aid in falling asleep faster. The video linked below is a great video to do before going to bed to help turn your mind off. For more videos, check out my YouTube Playlist for more sleep meditations

Angie Hammer