Week 4: Meditation for Weight Loss

Obviously, weight loss has many contributing factors but I have often heard, and was even taught in school, that weight loss is 80% diet. Research has shown that if you were to take a random poll of people and asked them how to lose weight, almost everyone could give you some of the basics such as eat fewer calories, or increase fruit and vegetable intake. According to the CDC, 70.7% of Americans are overweight or obese. So if most people know what can aid in weight loss, how come over 70% of Americans are overweight? 

A recent study on meditation and weight loss showed that meditation decreased anxiety leading to faster weight loss and increased maintenance of the weight that was lost. Anxiety has been shown to increase cortisol in the blood stream. Normally cortisol in the blood stream for a short period of time can help utilize adipose. When cortisol remains high in the blood stream for a long period of time due to stress and anxiety, it actually increases cravings as a safety mechanism because your brain thinks that you are using your adipose and that you need to stock up. 

In addition to decreasing anxiety, practicing meditation has been shown to decrease impusivity when choosing what to eat, decrease binge eating so you won't eat as much, and increase sleep to help you recover from exercise and decrease those cortisol levels from the day. 

This is the final week of our March Meditation so check out the playlist this week for some meditations focused specifically on weight loss. If you missed the other weeks, you can go back to my blog page and catch up on all the meditation news. Happy Meditating!


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Angie Hammer