Week 2 Meditation: Stress Management


Defined by Webster's Dictionary as a physical, chemical, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension and may be a factor in disease causation. 


Stress is a factor, whether mental, emotional or physical, that is necessary in life to enact change. Yes stress can be a good thing. When you exercise, that is a stress on your body to create changes in your muscles. However, when stress becomes a constant, it can turn into a depleting agent to our health. Stress causes many changes in our basic physiology such as changes in hormones, digestive patterns and even sleep. It has been well documented in research that continuous stress can manifest in the body as tension to more extreme and serious conditions such as PTSD or even cancer. 

So what can we do? Research done with a group of people enrolled in a meditation program showed that after 6 weeks the participants in the meditation group had significantly lower blood pressure and changes in their ECGs. The ECGs showed positive changes in the areas for creativity and reward systems of the brain indicating mood can be changed positively using meditation. It has been well documented that a healthy mind and spirit aids us to have a healthy body. So practicing daily or weekly meditation can be helpful as a starting place to a healthier body. 

Check out my YouTube Playlist this week for Meditations to Relieve Stress. Have a relaxing week! 

Stress may be a factor in disease causation
— -Webster's Dictionary
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Angie Hammer