Why you need high quality supplements


Supplements are not federally regulated like medications are, making is a dangerous place for buyers. People trying to make a quick buck will use the supplement market to sell items that do not have what it says on the ingredients list. Most of these people are harmless filling your vegetable capsule with sugar, corn starch or other fillers, however, keep in mind it can be filled with anything such as other medications, supplements, or illicit drugs.

High quality supplements of course cost more. But that is because they do third party testing on their supplements to give their clients peace of mind knowing it has in it what is says on the bottle. They also do testing to make sure that their products are free from impurities such as heavy metals or other contaminants.

All of my patients have access to Fullscript, which gives them access to high quality supplements. If you want access to this too, contact me to set up your account via drangiehammer@gmail.com.

Angie Hammer