Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program


Weight loss is so much more than just what you eat and how much you exercise. Weight loss involves everything from hormonal regulation, to sleep, to stress and support. This program is designed to address each of these areas and, even better, is designed to fit you and your lifestyle for lasting results.

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Personalized Nutritional and Fitness Coaching

Weight loss is more than 'calories in, calories out' so my strategy of aiding weight loss dives deeper into hormonal regulation, stress, sleep and happiness.

In this program, we hone in on your specific goals and develop a clear plan in order for you to be successful. Full measurements are taken and tracked including body weight, BMI, body fat, arm, leg, hip, and waist measurements, and initial photos.

No Quick Fixes, only hard work and commitment for lasting results

What’s included1. Initial visit (1-2 hours)to create a custom plan

1. Initial visit (1-2 hours)to create a custom plan
2. Five (5) follow up visits over the three months for continuous support

3. MyZone technology

4. Community support via Facebook and MyZone

5. Gym Membership

6. One (1) MIC injection (“The Fat Burner”) per month

7. Complete lab analysis:


·Diabetes Panel

·Thyroid Panel

·Female / Male hormone panel

·Cortisol pattern

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Community Support through Angie’s Fitness Tribe

It has been proven that those who for strong bonds with others and are there to support one another are more likely to achieve their goals. This program is designed to increase the likelihood that you will be around people who have similar interests and are supportive of your health journey. Through private social media groups along with MyZone technology, you can share your workouts and communicate with others in the tribe.


Pricing and options

The complete package: $1500

Two options:

1) 10% savings for one time payment

Total: $1350 due at time of service

2) Payment plan

3 installments of $500

One payment at time of initial service

Two payments over the following 2 months